The value of why

I think that if people start explaining the why, they would get more people to listen to the what.

Doctors and patients, teachers and students, instructional videos and viewer. These are all relationships that could grow stronger if the why was introduced.

Patients would be more compliant if they knew why they are taking that specific medication over another, or why they need to get into good health habits. Students would pay more attention in class if the teacher would take just a moment from the lesson to explain the point of it all and how the lesson applies to the real world. Homeowners would mess their projects less if the presenter explained why they need a specific tool or work on a project in a specific order.

By introducing the constraints of time and money, we are sacrificing the why and jumping straight to the facts. “Take this pill.” “Study for the exam.” “Do it this way.” Why? and if you can’t identify the why, is it necessary? is it the right approach?

Life is not a list of facts. It is a list of problems that could be solved if we knew those facts. But you have to start with identifying the problem. Let the problem be clear and the facts will flow through, carrying it to the solution. Explain it even if the question hasn’t been asked.

Where else have you seen the power of why? Leave a comment!


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