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Faced with the threat of solar flares, the government assembles a team to terraform Mars and hire Dean Turner, a leading construction worker from Texas, as the mission’s fourth member.

And he is about to leave behind the product of his urges—dismantled bodies hidden inside walls—and find in the stars the only cage that will contain him.

Special Agent James Cole longs to make a name for himself. But he is sent to a remote location in Texas to sift through cold case files. James connects unsolved cases across the US and discovers that his prime suspect is two hundred million miles away from Earth.

Dean Turner and Agent James Cole, now separated by the cold vacuum of space, seek what has eluded them.

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Messengers Rising

If you were both human and angel, which side of the war would you choose?

Luna’s mission was simple: kill a human named Robert and influence the course of humanity’s evolution.

But she soon finds her target is not just a human, and she is not just an assassin.

Messengers Rising is the second book in the 444 series of humanoid aliens, powerful archangels overseeing the universe, space travel, creation, finding the chosen one, and the end of the world as we know it.

Read Messengers Rising, book two in the 444 Series, and embark on an epic journey.

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Relvin Gonzalez

Relvin Gonzalez is a Puerto Rican fiction author that skillfully captures the intrinsic darkness of the human mind. His thought-provoking storytelling pushes the limits of traditional genres. Gonzalez has written several books. His stories include his first novel, The Void Beyond the Walls, a dark literary fiction written in the point of view of a Texan serial killer who goes to Mars, the 444 mythological science fiction series, including the titles HefndPath of the Hybrids, and Messengers Rising, and the psychedelic journey into madness, Glia, among others. Relvin lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and a dog that is more human than dog. 

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