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He had killed dozens. Then NASA hired him.

Faced with the threat of solar flares, the government assembles a team to terraform Mars and hire Dean Turner, a leading construction worker from Texas, as the mission’s fourth member.

And he is about to leave behind the product of his urges—dismantled bodies hidden inside walls—and find in the stars the only cage that will contain him.

Special Agent James Cole longs to make a name for himself. But he is sent to a remote location in Texas to sift through cold case files. James connects unsolved cases across the US and discovers that his prime suspect is two hundred million miles away from Earth.

Dean Turner and Agent James Cole, now separated by the cold vacuum of space, seek what has eluded them.

The Void Beyond the Walls is split between the serial killer’s inner workings and the obsessed man hunting him down.

Fans of Jim Thompson’s The Killer Inside Me, James Ellroy’s Killer On The Road, and Bret Easton Ellis’s American Psycho will enjoy this dark literary fiction that spans from Earth to Mars, set against the darkness of mind and space. Get it now.

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