Category: Circle Time

  • On The Economy of Time

    There’s saving money by learning to do everything yourself. But then there’s the economy of your time, your interest in learning such things versus the things you really want to learn. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it buys time, and time can yield the bandwidth to invest in yourself with the potential to earn many…

  • The value of why

    I think that if people start explaining the why, they would get more people to listen to the what. Doctors and patients, teachers and students, instructional videos and viewer. These are all relationships that could grow stronger if the why was introduced. Patients would be more compliant if they knew why they are taking that…

  • Unequal equality

    It seems no one truly wants equality, they simply want inequality in their favor.

  • You can do everything, just not all at the same time

    Next time you see a successful person think about that one ingredient, that one unknown human attribute that they have. They stand beside us and fill us with awe. We cannot even comprehend how a person, with the same necessary physical abilities as you, can achieve so much in so little time. “They must have…

  • We get used to it

    Tragedy doesn’t have to be tragic. Let your body adapt, and once you hit ground zero propel yourself into an upwards motion.

  • First

    A most welcoming welcome.