”As a sentient being who is merely existing, you should choose to exist well. And maybe, you will be remembered.”

How often do you wake up, and purposelessly stumble out of bed and brush your useless teeth while the eyes are still closed? How many times have you wondered what it’s all about? “If I could…”, “If I would have …”, “I’m too old to…”. The internal chatter starts. One day closer to death. You get bombarded by your own internal army of enemies. You then swiftly look up the names of the people in history who made something of themselves at the age of 60+. Feeling confident that something, someday will eventually happen you get into your car and drive to work. “I got this.”

The truth is, as you might have inferred if you do not take any actionable steps to be where you want to be in five years, guess where you’ll be? That’s right, exactly where you are now. Granted, there are strokes of luck, usually bad, of things we cannot control that happen along the way. What is obvious is that no type of electronic device and its controller will take you there.

We often spend hours upon hours attempting to learn how to operate a device that is going to be used for pure entertainment and look away from our goals and dreams. Opening a bag of chips is easier than doing a few pushups, or even making your bed in the morning. We want to win without really trying to win. We want our problems to solve themselves and then become surprised when life lived itself out, and we didn’t even notice.

There is no going around it. If you want to build something, you have to get your hands dirty. The proof is in the pudding. Stick around. I’ll tell you everything.






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