Going Wide

I have begun moving all my catalog of books to wide retailers. That means, they will no longer belong to Kindle Unlimited, but will be available at as any retailers as I can get them in. They will still be available for purchase on Amazon, as well as Apple Books, Google Play Books, Kobo (and Kobo Plus), Target Online, Barnes and Noble and many more.

I already began moving everything, starting with The Void Beyond the Walls, but I will continue moving the rest next week. It’s a lot of work, including uploading the books and writing the descriptions and categories multiple times on multiple platforms. I’m using IngramSpark for paperback copies, Draft2Digital for ebooks, and direct to platform for Kobo, KDP, and Google.

The updated links will probably live here for now: books.relvingonzalez.com

But I’ll probably create a website on my own page for them at some point.

See you on the road,

Happy reading!


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