• A Good Day

    More than 12 hours have passed since my two older brothers last tried to kill each other. The house is quiet, too quiet. Every second feels too soon to let go of the knot in my stomach. My hands still tremor as an effect of the last brawl, but not so much. There is no…

  • Transcluding in Ancient Times: AngularJS

    I attempted transcluding in multiple slots before multiple slot transclusion was invented in AngularJS. Weapon of choice: AngularJS 1.3.4. My use case was to create a customizable table that could be reused by changing the table columns and headers. The goal was to keep some functionality and styling throughout the different uses but only change…

  • A simple exercise to get out of a writer’s block

    Reading time: 5 minutes Writer’s block is a widespread outbreak, but it has a cure. I bet you often wonder the same questions I do. “If I have a hyperactive brain that always gives me insomnia, how come there is a blank page before me when I try to put my thoughts down to paper?”…

  • You can do everything, just not all at the same time

    Next time you see a successful person think about that one ingredient, that one unknown human attribute that they have. They stand beside us and fill us with awe. We cannot even comprehend how a person, with the same necessary physical abilities as you, can achieve so much in so little time. “They must have…

  • We get used to it

    Tragedy doesn’t have to be tragic. Let your body adapt, and once you hit ground zero propel yourself into an upwards motion.

  • Morning Routines: How to Rise Like a Phoenix

    Morning Routines: How to Rise Like a Phoenix

    Maintain morning routines to keep a consistent flow of productivity throughout your day.

  • First

    A most welcoming welcome.