Glia, Luna, and Hefnd books by Austin, TX author Relvin Gonzalez

2023 New Book Releases this Year

These have been the 2023 new book releases this year so far. I am always writing, always working to put out new and quality material. Each book gets better and better. I have learned important lessons along the way. All of my books are currently on Kindle Unlimited. For the rest of my backlog, click here, or visit my StoryOrigin library.

Luna (Book 1 of 444 Series) – May 2023 Revamp

This was my first book. I continue to improve it and its amazon page. This time, I redid the cover, blurb, and added some A+ content. Check it out!

Humanity’s last chance begins with death…

Luna’s mission was simple: kill a human named Robert, and influence the course of humanity towards survival.

But what she didn’t expect when she traveled to Earth was falling in love with her subject.

When she discovers a strange power within herself which might change everything, she devises a plan…

A chain reaction that will affect not only humanity, but the entire universe.

Will the alien assassin lose her lover to save humanity, or will she spare his life and allow all civilization on Earth to end?

Luna is the first book in the 444 series of humanoid aliens, powerful archangels overseeing the universe, space travel, creation, finding the chosen one, and the end of the world as we know it. If you like tragic, gut wrenching romantic stories, you will love Luna.

Read Luna, book one in the 444 Series, and embark on an epic journey. Get it now.

Hefnd – May 2023 Release

The most dangerous man is one who has nothing else to lose.

Flame and loss exiled a viking jarl from his settlement.

He now roams the lands seeking revenge; hefnd.

As he seeks a duel to the death with whoever was responsible for his clan’s demise, he discovers his DNA is written in the ink of an ancient lineage.

In this epic tale of revenge and redemption, the jarl must confront his own demons and harness the full extent of his power to take on those who have wronged him. Will he emerge victorious and reclaim his rightful place as a Viking warrior, or will his journey lead him down a path of destruction? Find out in this gripping tale of a Viking’s quest for justice. Get it now.

As part of the 444 Universe, Hefnd offers backstory depicting events occurring before Luna and Sol.
Previously released on Kindle Vella as Within the Confines of the Universe [Episodes 1-10]

Glia – April 2023 release

Just because you’re lost doesn’t mean you want to be found…

Brian is a lawyer in New York City. He has everything: the success, the office with the view, and a fresh bottle of pills in his desk drawer.

When Brian’s sister goes missing, he’s left with nothing but a single clue—an email exchange with a scammer on her computer.

Desperate for answers, he enlists the help of Detective Antoni Roset, who joins him in the search for the truth.

As the investigation deepens, they navigate the surreal depths of human psychology.

Are Brian and Detective Roset going to unravel the mystery and find Brian’s sister? Or will the thin line between reality and insanity consume them?

Glia is a mind bending short novelette about perception and relativity. Somebody’s treasure is someone else’s nightmare. And sometimes, when you wake up, you realize that’s when the actual nightmare begins.

If you’re a fan of absurdist and dark psychological stories, you will enjoy Glia. Get it now.
Previously published as Glia [Episodes 1-12] on Kindle Vella.

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Upcoming titles:

Sol (Book 2 of 444 series)

444 Prequel





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