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  • Transcluding in Ancient Times: AngularJS

    I attempted transcluding in multiple slots before multiple slot transclusion was invented in AngularJS. Weapon of choice: AngularJS 1.3.4. My use case was to create a customizable table that could be reused by changing the table columns and headers. The goal was to keep some functionality and styling throughout the different uses but only change…

  • A simple exercise to get out of a writer’s block

    Reading time: 5 minutes Writer’s block is a widespread outbreak, but it has a cure. I bet you often wonder the same questions I do. “If I have a hyperactive brain that always gives me insomnia, how come there is a blank page before me when I try to put my thoughts down to paper?”…

  • Morning Routines: How to Rise Like a Phoenix

    Morning Routines: How to Rise Like a Phoenix

    Maintain morning routines to keep a consistent flow of productivity throughout your day.