Despair: A Collection – EBOOK


Seven stories, seven horrors. The departure stage of parenthood, the instinct of survival, the haunting of a home, the ripples of grief, the normalcy of dystopia, the lies of fairy tales, the lives of quiet desperation. Also available on Amazon at


Seven stories, seven horrors.

They didn’t say anything about the departure stage of parenthood.

And now we can’t let go.

They raised us with the instinct of survival.

And now we’ll do anything to survive.

They sold us haunted homes.

And now we obsess over every sound.

They told us time would cure all grief.

And now time won’t pass fast enough.

They built dystopia as an upgraded future.

And now we’re separated by fences.

They lied to us in fairy tales.

And now we see there’s no fantasy world.

They gave us lives of quiet desperation.

And now we’re unhappy with not much time left.

Despair: A Collection includes the following short stories from author Relvin Gonzalez:
To Be a Father
Piddling Zephyr
Death Trap
The Butcher
The Gray

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