• Glia, Luna, and Hefnd books by Austin, TX author Relvin Gonzalez

    2023 New Book Releases this Year

    These have been the 2023 new book releases this year so far. I am always writing, always working to put out new and quality material. Each book gets better and better. I have learned important lessons along the way. All of my books are currently on Kindle Unlimited. For the rest of my backlog, click here, or visit my StoryOrigin library. Luna (Book 1 of 444 Series) – May 2023 Revamp This was my first book. I continue to improve it and its amazon page. This time, I redid the cover, blurb, and added some A+ content. Check it out! Hefnd – May 2023 Release Glia – April 2023 release…

  • Multi-hued clouds

    Stages of human irrelevancy

    The way I see it going 1) Human comes up with the idea, execution, and use. 2) Human creates AI. 3) Human comes up with idea, asks AI to execute it. 4) Human asks AI for ideas. 5) Human asks AI what he should ask it. 6) AI rules the world. These fears always come up whenever there are leaps in technological advance Sure. The internet was the previous one. The difference is the internet used to be a glorified yellow pages. To this day it hasn’t destroyed storefronts because some things you just cannot shop online. Most people prefer person to person courses, and you can’t go to the…

  • Productivity and Rewards

    How to stay productive with not enough sleep

    This is what works for me to stay productive when I haven’t had enough sleep. Everyone is different, and has a different level of energy and sleep requirements. For some people, pumping caffeine works. But the goal is to move as close to the ideal circadian rhythm as possible; i.e. wake up at or before sunrise, wind down at sunset. Front Loading The secret is front loading the most important task of the day. Get it done when you still have energy, as little as it may be. If you drink coffee or green tea, it’s best to use that bump in energy before it runs out. Do not keep…

  • Writing

    Dean Wesley Smith’s approach

    I just found this out this morning. Dean Wesley Smith’s approach to writing. What he says aligns very well to my own thinking. If you need awards and acclaims in order to listen to someone, he has written 200+ books, NYT bestseller and all the awards. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypG4iuJ9_ck Write into the dark. Start writing without really plotting or knowing where the story is going to go, and let your characters tell the story for you. Once you finish, don’t rewrite. Sure, show it to your alpha reader, and fix any typos or errors, but don’t get stuck in rewrites. Put it out there on the market and leave it there. Check…

  • man in blue top giving box to man in gray top

    How to sell

    “These are the strategies to get more sales,” says one online guru while promoting his wifi business. “Five easy things to increase traffic to your site,” says another. There are all kinds of flavors of the same thing. It boils down to “I will teach you how to sell.” Or “Learn how to make money.” It’s hard to look away and not click on titles such as these, if you are lucky enough to find them in front of a paywall, instead of behind it. One thing’s for sure, there is a paywall somewhere. And sometimes the billboard type titles are so enticing that even the paywall does not dare…

  • Woman shows how to meditate properly
    Routines,  Toolkit

    How to Meditate properly

    How to meditate properly is a question most beginners interested in the practice might wonder. I used to wonder this myself, and I got neck deep in apps like Headspace, Calm, and Insight Timer, or guided meditation videos, and audio files. Although these might help in the beginning to get into the rhythm of the practice, ultimately I landed on practicing meditation in silence, whenever I can. I found that the less pressure I put on it, the more I kept it as part of my morning and evening routine.  How to properly meditate is up to you. From sitting, to lying down, repeating a mantra like Transcendental meditation teaches, to simply focusing on your…

  • What is the purpose? Prioritize
    Productivity and Rewards

    What is the purpose?

    Every second, ask yourself: What is the purpose of this moment? You are sitting in front of your computer, typing away trying to curb the fierceness of your thoughts, when an urge to look up an online sale comes along. And you step on the breaks of a 100 mile per hour train to full stop to skip to the next open tab and look for a few seconds. When you cannot find the item you want quick enough, you jump back to the previous tab, but the train is not there anymore. It exploded, and it took the tracks with it. And you try to go back to the…

  • Choosing a path
    Productivity and Rewards

    How to make better decisions

    If I was a person who ONLY made the right decision, what decision would I make right now? This is a question that should take permanent residence in your mind. It will help you make better decisions. When working out, there are a few ways to perform the same exercise routine. There is the light weight high repetition count, there is a high weight low repetition count, and then there is the no weight version. All of them have something in common: they allow you to pick and choose your difficulty level so you do not stop moving. Ever. Apply this to all other areas of your life and watch…