The other side of toxicity

Toxicity starts from one end, a negative person who turns oneself and everything around her dark. Then the other side shows up, they who are professionally offended by everything.

They keep their antennas on, ready to receive any and all transmissions. With the emission of a sound, they perk up their ears, translate the message and study it’s meaning, putting it through their filters, assumptions, and interpretations. And, without verifying the correctness of their conclusions, they throw their verdict in the air, either the literal air or the digital one and force themselves to be offended enough so that they can call upon a group of offendees to bring that one person down.

There is no trail to or a chance at redemption. Not even if the accusations were true or not. The person must go down and disappear forever. Rehabilitation has gone out of the window.

What is the point of prisons?

The society we live in is edging even more closely so to a place where people must live in eternal damnation. A never-ending purgatory. Forever exiled. Over are the days were parents could reprimand or ground their children temporarily, without stopping their love for them, to correct flaws in their character. Now, they are so afraid of going through this that they don’t discipline at all. We are raising passive-aggressive, entitled delinquents.

Kids are surprised when they meet opposition to their tantrums. They are shocked, really. Teachers are noticing this in their classrooms. Now they must be teachers and also parents.

This expands to people who are afraid to speak their true voices. If their opinions are even an inch away from popular opinion, you must best not speak at all. Or else you will end an island next to a continent, with an ocean in between.

The world is built on diversity, and this has to not only include sexual and political but human beings in their entirety.

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