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Seven stories, seven horrors of the human condition.

The departure of parenthood, the instinct of survival, the haunting of a home, the ripples of grief, the normalcy of dystopia, the lies of fairy tales, the lives of quiet desperation.

This collection of seven horror short stories includes the following works from author Relvin Gonzalez:
To Be a Father
Piddling Zephyr
Death Trap
The Butcher
The Gray

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    Naturally, I had to make things just a little more complicated than packing our bags and showing up at the airport. A week before leaving, I checked my passport, and saw it had been expired for almost a year. The situation was no mystery to the people in the Passport Agency at Houston, who dealt… Read more: Backpacking in Norway
  • 2023 New Book Releases this Year
    These have been the 2023 new book releases this year so far. I am always writing, always working to put out new and quality material. Each book gets better and better. I have learned important lessons along the way. All of my books are currently on Kindle Unlimited. For the rest of my backlog, click… Read more: 2023 New Book Releases this Year

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